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Hina Khan fights cancer: 6 mental health tips to learn from her life

Hina Khan’s spirit to fight against stage-3 breast cancer has made her an inspiration. Here are 6 mental health tips that you can learn from her journey.

Hope, resilience and optimism – the key to winning any battle have become Indian actress Hina Khan’s new mantra in life. The actress, who recently got diagnosed with stage-3 breast cancer has been showing true fighting spirit to win this battle. While cancer can make a person feel emotionally, mentally and physically drained, Hina, with her social media posts, has been showing otherwise. Despite going through the toughest times of her life, she is demonstrating that with a strong mind and heart, one can conquer any battle. From embracing her scars to happily letting go of her hair, her journey is not just about fighting cancer but also about exhibiting a mental health spirit. Here are some of the best mental health tips to borrow from Hina Khan to maintain mental well-being.

6 mental health tips to take from Hina Khan

It’s a common saying that any battle is first lost in the mind and heart and then physically. Hina Khan, who is lovingly called by the name “Sher Khan” by her fans, is making sure she gives a tough fight to cancer. On social media, Hina Khan has been sharing life lessons and mantras that have been helping her to stay stronger and balanced.

1. Never lose hope

Hope keeps a person going! It promotes mental strength by providing a positive outlook and motivation to overcome challenges. A study published in the journal, Frontiers in Psychology, states that hope and optimism can lower the chances of developing mental disorders and help enhance well-being. And Hina truly demonstrated it when she shared that she had been diagnosed with stage-3 breast cancer. In her social media post, the actress said, “I am strong, determined and fully committed to overcoming this disease.” This shows that even in the tough times, she is not giving up on life. She embraced positivity and is standing strong against the disease.

2. Face every situation bravely

Most women wear their hair as their crown – as did Hina. But she let go of her hair as she realised that courage and strength were her real jewels. Recently, she shared a video of herself on her Instagram handle, where she was seen cutting her hair before it would start falling off due to chemotherapy. This shows that facing the situation and keeping the spirit to win are the best things to do.

3. Manifest your desire

Manifestation can promote positive thinking and goal setting. It allows you to focus on desired outcomes and visualise success. A study published in the Psychological Bulletin mentioned that people who have a positive approach to life meet more success. Hina truly believes in the power of manifestation as she has been manifesting her healing. So, you can also manifest your desire, and align your thoughts and actions. It can help to encourage a proactive mindset, reduce stress and enhance overall well-being.

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4. Embrace your imperfections

Women are often subjected to look perfect in every way possible. This societal pressure can have a deep impact on mental health. However, embracing imperfections is the first step towards developing a more deeper and companionate relationship with oneself. Just like Hina says, “Scars are the first sign of the progress I deserve”, you can also accept your flaws as they foster self-acceptance, allow you to recognise your worth and increase self-esteem.

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Hina Khan
Hina Khan showed how embracing imperfections is a sign to victory. Image courtesy: Instagram.

5. Normalise your challenges

Setbacks are a part of life. But letting them impact your sanity makes them win. So, normalise the challenges in your life as it helps improve your mental health by reducing stigma, promoting acceptance, and encouraging healthier coping strategies. It helps to lead to a more balanced and positive mindset. Just like Hina has chose not to feel dejected, you can also take your challenges as an opportunity to reinvent yourself.

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6. Focus on one thing at a time

Hina Khan has made it to a point that she will focus on one thing at a time. This mantra has helped her take one step at a time and strengthen her mental health. You can also adopt this principle in your life as it can help reduce overwhelm, foster focus and make your challenges manageable. This approach in life helps build confidence, promotes progress and encourages steady growth.

So, just like Hina Khan, fight your own battles with a strong mind, and success will follow you!

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