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Father’s Day gifts: 7 picks for your dad’s health and wellness

Are you planning your superhero on Father’s Day? We have curated a list of the best Father’s Day gifts.

Fathers are our evergreen real-life superheroes. They cheer us on and provide endless support unconditionally. This Father’s Day, celebrate your father by gifting something that helps him to keep his health and wellness first! Whether he is a fitness freak, a lazy couch potato or just starting his wellness journey, these carefully chosen gifts can be your way of telling him, “Dad, I care about you and your health”. We have curated a list of some unique Father’s Day gifts you can choose for your dad and contribute to his well-being!

7 best Father’s Day gifts

Shower love on your father this Father’s Day by giving him these fitness and wellness gifts. Check out this list of the best Father’s Day gift ideas:

1. Fitness tracker

Pamper your dad by giving him one of the best father’s day gifts! This AmazonFit Active smartwatch might be a good choice as it can help him check his health. Available in 100 colourful options, this watch features a 1.75 HD AMOLED display and AI-powered training guidance by Zepp Coach. This watch may generate workout plans, personalise the schedule, target training, manage recovery and help your dad understand his progress. It also provides mental and physical readiness analysis, which is generated on the basis of your sleep, resting heart rate, sleep heart rate variability, breathing quality, and temperature. By providing training templates, this fitness tracker allows you to stay focused on your goals and keep track of your progress. The brand states that this watch can monitor the heart, blood oxygen and stress levels 24 hours and provide alerts for abnormal readings. Invest in this product or check out more fitness trackers here!

2. Pedal exerciser

Help your father strengthen his legs and arms by giving him a pedal exerciser. It might be one of the best Father’s Day gifts for your dad as it can help him perform simple exercises at home. Reach Mini Bike Digital Pedal Exerciser is crafted from ally steel, which makes it durable. It provides adjustable resistance levels, which allows you to customise your workout intensity. This user-friendly equipment comes with a digital display, which shows workout time, rotations completed, estimated calories burned and rotations per minute. The compact and lightweight design of this fitness bike makes it easy to store and carry. It helps you experience noiseless cycling and low-impact workout experience. The brand states that this equipment comes with a 6 months warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.

3. Pulse oximeter

Help your father monitor his oxygen saturation levels before, during and after exercise by giving him a pulse oximeter. This one from HealthSense might be a good choice as it features a medical-grade silicone finger chamber, which is allergen and latex-free. It is a single-button operation control device, which allows you to measure and set alarms in the most hassle-free manner. This device comes with two coloured, four-direction OLED screens with Optical Detection Technology, which can accurately measure and display SpO2, pulse rate, perfusion index and plethysmograph within 8 seconds.

4. Running shoes

Adidas Mens Courun Avnt M Running Shoes are made using ethylene vinyl acetate and rubber material. This running shoe promises to support a good run and features a cushioned midsole, textile upper and snug feel. They feel lightweight from top to bottom with a soft mesh upper and a light midsole. Gift this pair of shoes to your father and improve his morning running session.

5. Gym bag

If your father is a fitness freak, this gym bag might be a good gift idea for him. The Tommy Hilfiger gym bag has a length of 53 centimetres, width of 28 centimetres and height of 28 centimetres. The outer layer of this bag is made with polyester material and the brand states that the product comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty. This bag is meticulously crafted to help you store your gym essentials and elevate your fitness journey.

6. Headphones

SHOKZ OpenRun Bone Conduction Sports Headphones are waterproof and come with noise-cancellation features. It is designed for all-day use with an ultra-light, secure fit. Made for sports enthusiasts, this headphone is engineered with outstanding sound, a long-lasting battery and quick charge, which helps to keep you aware and motivated. It is also compatible with glasses and bike helmets, which makes it easy to wear while cycling. This headphone uses patented 8th bone conduction technology, which provides amazing vocals, mids, highs and improved bass.

7. Body massager

AGARO Atom Electric Handheld Full Body Massager can be a good gift option for your dad. Made using plastic material, this massager helps in relaxation and pain relief by deep tissue stimulation. This compact handheld massager has a variable speed selection and comes with 1-year warranty. Regular use of this device can provide relief from neck pain, waist pain, arm pain, leg pain and back pain.

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How to choose the best gift for your father?

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right gift for your dad:

  • While choosing a pedal exerciser, pay attention to portability, and stability and make sure that it has adjustable resistance.
  • If you are planning to give a gym bag to your dad, choose a product, which is made from high-quality, water-resistant materials. Make sure that it has multiple pockets, padded straps and handles.
  • When selecting a fitness tracker, look for one, which comes with comprehensive tracking capabilities like heart rate monitoring, GPS and sleep analysis. Check the battery life of the product and ensure that it syncs well with your father’s smartphone.
  • If your father loves listening to music or podcasts while working out, look for a headphone, which has clear and balanced audio, comfortable fit and better durability.
  • In the case of running shoes, choose the pair which provides a snug fit, and has proper arch support, cushioning and breathable material.
  • When selecting a body massager, pay attention to the type of the product, adjustable settings and portability.
  • If you are planning to give a pulse oximeter to your father, check the accuracy of the product, and make sure it is lightweight and user-friendly.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • What is the best gift for Father’s Day?
    A suitable Father’s Day gift depends on your father’s choices, needs and preferences. The above-mentioned fitness and wellness products might be good options as they can help improve your father’s overall physical, mental and emotional well-being.
  • What is the psychological impact of gifts?
    The American Psychological Association states that when you give a gift to someone, it helps to alleviate the stress. It can trigger the release of dopamine, which can provide immense happiness and pleasure. So, giving a gift to your dad on this Father’s Day can help enhance his health and mood.

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